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Chip or crack in your glass?

MyEurohauas.com bmw porsch mercedes glass

Have a small chip or crack in your glass?MyEurohauas.com bmw porsch mercedes glass

Get small chips and cracks in your windshield fixed before they grow and ruin the glass. Chip repair can be quick, restores the windshield’s structural integrity and does not adversely affect visibility. Insurance companies often cover this cost.

Windshields are considered SAFETY DEVICES. Why? because they protect passengers from flying debris, objects and the outside weather. They also assist with airbag deployment and can even help in reducing potential injuries during collisions including helping to keep passengers inside the vehicle.

AAA Members can have inexpensive repairs available to them. Members should check their memberships. All drivers should check their insurance policies as in some states, the first windshield repair is at no charge.