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While on the road…

While on the road…

Remember to drive defensively.

That does not mean drive paranoid. Simply be aware of where your vehicle is in relation to the other vehicles. Consider the other driver when passing or changing lanes.

Consider that no one is a mind reader. Signal well in advance of turning or changing lanes…


Really? It can’t wait until you get where you are going? Get off the phone. You are driving. Act like it.

Keep to the right unless you are passing. the quickest way to start an accident is to become a rolling obstacle with the vehicle next to you to your fellow drivers behind you.

When you stop too far away from the vehicle in front of you (say at a traffic light), consider those behind you trying to pull into the turn lane but can’t because the space you’re wasting would be just what they need to be able to get into the lane.

ALWAYS look TWICE, most people don’t see motorcycles until its almost too late. Larger vehicles take longer to slow down than smaller ones. Don’t let the tailgater rattle you if you can move over let them by. do not let them upset you. If they want to drive like a fool let them.