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Is it safe to drive if my “Check Engine” light is on?

Have your engine checked at European autohaus in tampa fl
Is it safe to drive if my “Check Engine” light is on?

It really depends on what caused it to light up. In worst cases driving with “Check engine” light may cause more damage to the vehicle. A car may even stall while driving. It is certainly recommend that you visit European Autohaus as soon as possible if your check engine light came on.

If your battery becomes too weak, some newer vehicles, when sensing this can possible shut the vehicle down in the middle of traffic! Even though it seemed to have started fine not too long ago! If you see your dash starting to light up erratically and it feels like your vehicle is losing power when you step on the pedal, do your best to safely pull over and stop in a safe place as soon as you can. Another thing to remember is if you exit the vehicle BE SURE TO TAKE YOUR KEY (NOT THE ELECTRONIC ONE)!


If you unfortunately end up on the side of the road at night, a proper kit with flares and a bright flash light will come in handy in case your hazard lights go out.

If your vehicle start to overheat, once again we recommend you safely pull over and WAIT long enough for the steam coming out from under the hood to dissipate before opening the hood. the reasons for overheating can stem from a problem with your radiator, a burst hose, or water pump issues. Bring your vehicle to European Autohaus. We will get your vehicle back on the road.

If the Check Engine light is flashing, this possibly means that the engine computer (ECM) has detected that your engine is misfiring, which could damage your catalytic converter. Have the your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.